Guided Tours

  • Trail Cruise (2hrs)

    Trail Cruise (2hrs)

    DESCRIPTION: A smooth 101 outing into the snowmobile universe and a unique Charlevoix discovery tour − no pressure, and really…

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  • Discovery Tour (3hrs)

    Discovery Tour (3hrs)

    DESCRIPTION: Covering a vast stretch of countryside in very little time is definitely one of snowmobiling’s biggest joys. Set out…

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  • The Sporster (4hrs)

    The Sporster (4hrs)

    DESCRIPTION: This package definitely comes with ‘The Works’! Confident beginner riders and motor sport fans ride some of the province’s…

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  • Le Gourmet (4.5 hrs)

    Le Gourmet (4.5 hrs)

    DESCRIPTION: Ride, stop, eat and ride some more! Take in the mountain and river scenery, the sunshine, the snow. This…

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  • Corporate


    DESCRIPTION: As a team-building sport or for developing new ties with valued staff members or clients, sledding is the perfect…

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  • Wilderness Trip (2 days+)

    Wilderness Trip (2 days+)

    DESCRIPTION: Wish your sled ride would never end? Then simply extend the fun! Let us plan you a custom 2-…

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  • Guide Local

    Guide Local

    DESCRIPTION: Vous désirez découvrir les plus beaux coins de Charlevoix, comme les motoneigistes de la place? Laissez nos guides vous…

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